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Süleyman Çetinsaya Faculty of Communication is a higher education institution, aiming to endow its students with theoretical and practical background in communication studies, a discipline that will be of vital importance in the coming century, as well as with experience and ability in its practical implementation.

As of 2010 fall semester, the faculty employs a total of 36 academic staff: 1 professors, 3 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, 25 research and teaching assistants. Currently, a total of 1300 students are in its undergraduate programs. The Faculty provides education in a way that aims at fostering students’ critical and analytical thinking skills and thus having them equipped with the capabilities necessary for active participation in the global professional life.

Our faculty, which has three departments from its establishment on, namely

Department of Journalism
Major Degree in General Journalism
Major Degree in Press and Broadcast Techniques
Major Degree in Press Economics and Management
Major Degree in Informatics (Computer Techniques and Communication)

Department of Radio, Television and Cinema
Major Degree in Radio and Television
Major Degree in Communication Sciences
Major Degree in Photograph and Graphics
Major Degree in Cinema

Department of Public Relations and Publicity
Major Degree in Public Relations
Major Degree in Advertising and Publicity
Major Degree in Interpersonal Communication
Major Degree in Research Method

The aim of Süleyman Çetinsaya Faculty of Communication is to educate students to be competitive with their peers all over the world, to be dynamic, rational, creative, collaborative intellectuals. Our faculty also aims to forge communicators with strong analysis and synthesis abilities across an increasingly complex array of events, actors, and inputs in our societies. Hence, our students gain information and experience not only in the history, theoretical foundations and ethics of their discipline, but also in its technical and practical implementation.